OverDose Phone Wallpapers

I change my wallpapers on my mobile phone at least once a month, and today was one of the days I was due for a change. I went through the usual apps and websites looking for something I’d use, and there was nothing I liked.

I started looking through my own images to see if there was maybe anything I’d like to use. I started editing a couple and got an idea for these. So I hopped on my PC and got started crafting some OverDose wallpapers from photos I shot of Jimmy October & Jay Nahge at the Golden Era concert.

They didn’t take too long to create and I’m pretty happy with how they came out, so I sent them to the OD fam, and now sharing it with all you guys!

Grab the high res versions here.

Jay Nahge OD Golden Era Jimmy October OD Golden Era

OverDose Phone Wallpapers

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